Wonderful Location & Beautiful Setting In Sonamarg

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Sonmarg is lovingly known as quiet Meadow Of Gold, this location is particularly famous for its flower carpeted fields. The surrounding of the place is endowed by the amazing glaciers, quaint plateaus…

Sonmarg is lovingly known as quiet Meadow Of Gold, this location is particularly famous for its flower carpeted fields. The surrounding of the place is endowed by the amazing glaciers, quaint plateaus, snow fields, towering pines and islets. The enthralling beauty and pleasing sceneries will keep you engaged the whole day with joy and bliss.

With a backdrop of snow laden mountains, the location is what customers goes to a location but when they find out there are great resorts to offer them a stay, it gives them an extra positive vibe. Sonamarg is a preferred holiday destination in India for honeymooners, families, and friends. Best resort in Sonmarg Kashmir welcomes the families and every people with such warmth that they even have an amazing experience.

Sonmarg is located just 80 km from Srinagar and it has the highest mountain ranges in the entire world. If you are contemplating a vacation, Sonmarg is surely the place you will want to visit. This place is the perfect combination of beauty, grace and peace. If you want to have a getaway with your family for a blissful holiday, besides the spectacular beauty, Sonmarg offers overwhelming hospitality as well.

Misty valleys: The snow clad peaks and the golden ray of the sun reflecting from the snow kissed mountains. The lightning effect you will experience in this valley can make your mind numb and in case, you are a photographer, you will never even want to leave the place. The charming glaciers, the crystal clear waterfalls and the picturesque lakes add charm to this tranquil valley.

Blissful Hotel: In such a beautiful place, it is quite tough to justify the beauty with an equally beautiful place to stay. Maybe, the beauty of nature is not comparable but Best resort in sonmarg Kashmir will atleast compliment the gorgeous valley it is situated in. The hotel will provide well suited suites and rooms for families, backpackers, holiday travelers and foreigners. The well maintained rooms, living area and the friendly staff truly will make your stay worthy.

Fine Service: Amidst all the facilities available in the resort, there is still a section which has the potential to haunt you. Check out for the resort staffs whether they are to be believed with great service. A friendly staff can make anything happen for you and especially bring delectable cuisines truly made for your stay is just ideal. The quality ensured resort will always make sure that they have well appointed staffs in their business those can be trusted with the guests.

With decorative rooms, LCD panels, 24 hours hot running water, room service with very warming staffs is considered to be a wonderful place to stay. Also another measure is to check on their cleanliness and hygiene standards must be superb.

A splendid property among the scenery and scenic valley is just the right kind of holiday everybody wants. The prime highlight of the hotel is its great room with splendor views of mountains.  offers frBest resort in sonmarg Kashmiriendly accommodations with competitive rate. Sonamarg is without a doubtFree Reprint Articles, the most mesmerizing valley in India and the wonderful hotel will upgrade your stay as well.

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